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Product Literature

PremierPro™ Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes are offered in both disposable and reusable styles for your intubation needs. Miller and Macintosh blade styles are both available. Handle choices include Medium, Stubby, and Penlite. All items are Green System compatible.

Features & Benefits

  • Green System compatible
  • Blades constructed of surgical stainless steel
  • Fiber optic blade sizes from 00 to 4
  • 5-year shelf life
  • Disposable blades eliminate cleaning costs and contamination issues
  • Disposable handles have LED illumination with batteries included and are designed with textured TPE surface for better grip
  • Disposables are sterile and individually packaged
  • Reusable handles are made of chrome plated brass and include halogenated xenon lamps
  • Compliant with ISO 7376
  • Not made with natural rubber latex


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