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Microfiber Glass Cloth

Microfiber Glass Cloth

Product Literature

PremierPro™ offers an extensive line of microfiber products and accessories to meet your facilities needs. The complete line includes microfiber towels and accessories, traditional and microfiber dust mops, traditional and microfiber wet mops, finish mops, frames, handles and a variety of buckets and signs. Many items are launderable (see Features & Benefits for product-specific details) and all products are not made with natural rubber latex.

Features & Benefits

  • Electromagnetically-charged microfibers attract and hold dust, dirt and grime
  • Microfibers provide superior absorption, making this cloth ideal for cleaning or dusting any surface wet or dry
  • Launderable
  • Provides a streak free clean on glass surfaces
  • Glass cloths are made with 300 GSM microfiber
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
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