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Streamlined sourcing

S2S Global, a direct sourcing wholly owned subsidiary of Premier, Inc., is a first of its kind in the industry. S2S Global vertically integrates the supply chain by providing Premier members with factory direct products, driving meaningful cost savings along with supply chain transparency.

Quality products

S2S Global is committed to customer satisfaction through the quality of our products. Alliance members drive the process to define and refine product specifications, building a product formulary of high-quality products that enables more efficient value analysis. All PremierPro products meet or exceed applicable regulations and standards.

Savings to Premier members

Our goal is to deliver market-leading pricing on high-quality products, while improving supply chain efficiencies and transparency. Average savings through this innovative sourcing program are 15 percent.

Expansive product portfolio

S2S Global sources products directly from the manufacturers and is dedicated to constantly expanding its product offerings with a focus on those product lines that will provide Premier members the greatest savings.


S2S Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of Premier, Inc., was established to bring a comprehensive supply chain solution, diverse product portfolio, and competitive pricing to Premier members. As a direct sourcing alternative, S2S Global benefits Premier members by removing costs from the supply chain and by providing a greater impact on product flow, pricing and quality under the PremierPro™ brand. S2S Global brings more than 30 years in sourcing and supply chain management expertise to the market.

  • Source commodity products both domestically and internationally for Premier members.
  • Provide meaningful cost reduction opportunities to Premier member organizations.
  • Provide Premier members with exclusive global sourcing and manufacturing capability; Premier members will be able to define, approve and refine product specifications (Sourcing to Specification or “S2S”).
  • Establish the capability to support large Premier members to receive direct container shipments, taking additional cost out of the supply chain.
  • Mitigate the risks of product shortages due to external factors, such as pandemics or government shutdowns due to our direct-to-factory relationships.

Container Direct Program

The S2S Global Container Direct Program helps to minimize risk by reducing additional travel routes and brings products to your facility without the need for additional stops and storage.

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Meaningful Cost Reduction
Mitigating Risks
Additional Customer Support

Learn more about S2S Global’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality Assurance Programs.


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