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Strategically Addressing Domestic Resiliency

S2S Global Domestic Initiatives

Our Mission is Your Mission

A Diverse Supply Chain with Domestic Initiatives Means...

Reduced Dependency

A diverse supply chain can ensure resilience by reducing dependency on a single source, minimizing the risk of disruptions and the availability of critical medical supplies.

Cost Effectiveness

Diverse supply chains can help allow procurement teams to leverage competitive pricing from a variety of suppliers, thus optimizing procurement budgets.

Wider Range of Innovations

Diverse and domestic sources enable access to a wider range of medical innovations and technologies, promoting continuous improvement in healthcare products and services.

Potential Reduced Transportation Cost and Time

Geographic diversity in the supply chain can reduce transportation costs and time, ensuring that medical products reach their destinations efficiently.

Increased Transparency

A diverse domestic supplier base fosters transparency, communication, and competition among suppliers, and encourages greater connections with members to ensure needs are seen, heard, and met.

Additional Ethical and Sustainable Options

Domestic manufacturing may support ethical and sustainable sourcing practices enforced by networks right here in the USA. By offering choices to select suppliers who align with ethical, environmental, and social responsibility standards, we can promote a more positive image for healthcare organizations.

S2S Global and Premier Inc. Domestic Initiatives

Driven by Collaboration and Partnerships

PRINCO Grand Opening Event | April 8, 2023

VA Governor
Glenn Youngkin

“PRINCO LLC’s new manufacturing facility in the City of Norfolk will benefit from the region’s outstanding logistical advantages, skilled workforce, and diverse ecosystem of suppliers, innovators, and customers. It is a blueprint for future investment in Virginia.”

DEPRE Grand Opening Event | September 22, 2023

DeRoyal CEO and President
Brian DeBusk

“The idea was conceived that we would reach out to a number of Premier members, bring them on as investors in our organization, and stand up a US based AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gown plant using US equipment, US employees, and even US sourced material. This plant today, as is, can produce 25 million AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gowns per year. In this project you’re really competing against at least an entire country if not an entire region of the world to ensure we can make the right product at the right price and secure supply chain… This is a very exciting day on behalf of DeRoyal, Premier, and our 34 hospital member investors. Thank you all!”


These PremierPro® products are currently manufactured in the USA with domestic and foreign materials.



AAMI Level 2 Isolation Gowns

PremierPro® Domestic Isolation Gowns are made in the USA via a fully automated manufacturing process, ensuring consistency of product and availability. Gowns comply with AAMI Level 2 criteria for protection and fluid resistance to help reduce the risk of contamination and transmission of infectious organisms which lead to Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI).

  • Yellow tri-layer SMS material that meets AAMI PB70 Level 2 testing
  • Fully automated manufacturing process
  • Made in the USA
  • Waist belt and thumb slits
  • Full back with over-the-head closure
  • Not made with natural rubber latex


Premium Underpads

PRINCO USA is a joint venture between CareTrust, Vario Labs LLC, and Premier Inc. Established in 2022, this fully automated facility is located in Norfolk VA. The manufacturing unit is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by a team of skilled professionals. PRINCO is FDA registered.

PremierPro™ Underpads are available from basic light absorbency up to maximum absorbent pads that are able to reposition patients up to 500 lbs.

  • Airlaid and SAP
  • Bonded Diamond Embossment
  • Soft Nonwoven Top Sheet
  • Moisture vapor permeable film


Nitrile Exam Gloves

Manufactured right here in the USA with domestic and foreign materials, PremierPro® Plus Powered by Honeywell is proud to bring a NEW domestically-produced exam glove to the market. PremierPro™ Plus Powered by Honeywell Nitrile Exam Gloves combine feel, fit, strength, comfort, tactile sensitivity and value. These gloves are tested for use with chemotherapy drugs.

  • Fingertip textured
  • Complies with standard ASTM D6978 (Assessment of Medical Exam Gloves for Resistance to Permeation by Chemotherapy Drugs)
  • Synthetic Nitrile Rubber
  • Meets USP 800 Personal Protection Equipment requirement for use of Chemotherapy Gloves when handling Hazardous Drugs.

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