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container ship at the base of collapsed bridge

April Supply Chain Updates

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The comprehensive global supply chain continues to face persistent disruptions, workforce impediments, and inflationary tensions, exerting considerable influence across various economies and sectors, notably within the American healthcare domain. Read more about how S2S Global and Premier are working to inform members and strive for a more reliable supply chain.

Topics covered in this month’s issue:

  • Assessing Supply Chain Impacts from the Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse 
  • Shipping Rates Defy Expectations, Falling After Baltimore Bridge Collapse
  • Ocean Freight Rates Cool as Red Sea Crisis Boosts Air Cargo Demand
  • Panama Canal Restrictions to Normalize Throughout 2024      
  • Major Earthquake Hits Taiwan and Temporarily Disrupts Semiconductor Production         
  • Houthi Naval Threats to Global Shipping in the Indian Ocean   
  • Change Healthcare Targeted in Second Ransomware Attack    
  • FDA Issues Import Alert and Warning on Chinese Plastic Syringes            
  • Pharmacy Spotlight – Update on Recent Drug Shortages           
  • Emerging H5N1 Bird Flu Threat: Risks, Treatments and Vulnerable Populations  
  • Premier’s Category Watch List | April Updates             
  • In Case You Missed It (ICYMI): The Latest from the Premier Newsroom   


Download the full Supply Chain Disruption Updates PDF Here

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