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Supply & Demand Chain Executive: March 23, 2023

Premier Leaders Recognized as Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Pros to Know

Alkire, Bain and MacKinnon named 2023 Pros to Know winners.

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Supply Chain Brain: March 13, 2023

Podcast: Did the Pandemic Heal the Healthcare Supply Chain?

Premier’s David Hargraves discusses lessons learned and actions needed for the industry to achieve true resilience and reliability.

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Healthcare Business Review: February 22, 2023

Supply Chain Logistics in 2023: Three Trends to Watch

Edin Dulic of S2S Global® highlights operations and logistics trends and strategies for the supply chain in 2023 and beyond.

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Premier Newsroom: February 21, 2023

Healthcare Joint Venture to Establish Manufacturing Facility in Virginia

Builds on Premier’s efforts to incent the domestic manufacturing of vital healthcare supplies providers need to care for patients.

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Premier Newsroom: January 23, 2023

Safety IV Catheters: Building Healthier Markets and Tackling Shortages

Premier is committed to helping reduce supply and inflation risks across at-risk categories to build a stronger healthcare supply chain for the future.

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NBC NEWS: January 9, 2023

China’s Covid wave threatens another snarl of U.S. medical supply chain

NBC News | Premier’s Kyle MacKinnon shares perspective on rising COVID-19 cases in China and potential impacts to the U.S. healthcare supply chain.

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Premier PINC AI: November 22, 2022

Anatomy of a Shortage: A Lack of Contrast Media Supplies Compromised Care for Up to 10 Percent of Patients in Key Clinical Categories

PINC AI™ data shows that up to 10 percent of hospital inpatients who should have received an advanced image as part of their recommended care…

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Premier PINC AI: November 10, 2022

PINC AI™ Data: European Energy Crisis Exacerbates Shortage Risks for Healthcare Supplies

Commonly used hospital supplies across 120 categories are likely to experience shortages in the near future, a new PINC AI™ data analysis finds.

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Supply Chain Brain: October 24, 2022

Direct Sourcing: Where Is It Now and Where Is It Going?

Direct sourcing can help organizations build resiliency, mitigate risk, increase efficiencies and realize cost savings.

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Premier Press Release: August 12, 2022

A (Monkey) Pox on Both Their Houses: Two Outbreaks and Two Administrations Later, The U.S. Remains Unprepared for Public Health Emergencies

While we’ve made some progress, unfortunately, it appears we still have work to do.

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Premier Joins Resilience Premier

Premier Press Release: August 2, 2022

Premier Inc. Joins Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative

Initiative builds on Premier and its members’ efforts to help ensure a more agile, transparent and robust U.S. healthcare supply chain.

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Supply Chain resiliency premier s2s

FDA Public Workshop: July 12, 2022

Building Medical Device Supply Chain Resilience

Premier’s Soumi Saha was invited to participate in the workshop’s June 7 panel discussion: “Resilience Defined and Measured.”

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Hartford Medical Supplies to Ukraine

Hartford Courant: June 30, 2022

Hartford HealthCare ships ambulance full of lifesaving equipment to Ukraine

A coordinated effort between Hartford HealthCare and Premier is providing lifesaving support to Ukraine.

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STAT News: June 28, 2022

How the U.S. Can Mitigate and Prevent Medical Device Shortages

Learn how Premier’s S2S Global is working to create greater diversity in sourcing products for hospitals and health systems, along with long-term resiliency.

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The Journal of Healthcare Contracting: June 27, 2022

Direct from the Source

Learn how Premier’s S2S Global is working to create greater diversity in sourcing products for hospitals and health systems, along with long-term resiliency.

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NBC Connecticut Article: June 16, 2022

Ambulance Filled With Lifesaving Medical Supplies Shipped to Ukraine

Hartford HealthCare is responding to the never-ending need for medical supplies as the war in Ukraine rages on. On Thursday, staff at Hartford HealthCare’s supply chair warehouse packed up an ambulance filled with lifesaving medical supplies to send over to war-torn Ukraine.  

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Charlotte Business Journal Article: May 25, 2022

Charlotte-based Premier funnels critical medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals amid Russian invasion

S2S Global and Premier are committed to improving the health of communities. We feel fortunate to have relationships that allow us to assist Ukraine.  

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Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN) Articles: May 24, 2022

S2S Global Provides Thought Leadership on Exam Gloves Solutions

In a series of three articles published by HPN, read how S2S Global experts Jeff Willink and Michelle Schwebel weigh in on current Exam Gloves challenges and solutions.  

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Premier Press Release: May 24, 2022

Premier, Inc. Joins Biden Administration Working Group to Drive Greater Resiliency in U.S. Healthcare Supply Chain

Working Group brings together public-private sector experts to build a more agile, transparent and robust U.S. healthcare supply chain.

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Premier Blog: May 3, 2022

Update: The Current State of Healthcare Supply Chain Disruptions

Premier continues to take aggressive steps to help ensure a smooth and continuous flow of medical supplies – and pursue strategies that offset rising costs.

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Premier Blog: April 25, 2022

Premier’s S2S Global Donates Urgently Needed Medical Supplies for Ukraine

S2S Global, Premier’s direct sourcing subsidiary, has donated more than 2,200 cases of vital medical products for Ukraine. 

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Premier Blog: March 16, 2022

Three Questions with Andy Brailo: Strengthening the Supply Chain

Brian Lane, President and CEO of The Center for Health Affairs and CHAMPS Healthcare, joins Andy to discuss strategies for creating an end-to-end supply chain… 

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Premier Advocacy: March 4, 2022

Statement on Final Rule to Secure America’s Critical Supply Chains

The “Buy America” rule is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to create a competitive and sustainable domestic market… 

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Premier Education: March 1, 2022

Report: Supply Chain Impacts of Russia/Ukraine Conflict

Premier has created a comprehensive overview document to help stakeholders better understand the supply chain risks.

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MedPage Today: February 24, 2022

Beware: Our N95 Supply Chain Is Fragile

Bruce Radcliff, system vice president of supply chain at Advocate Aurora Health, and Premier’s Andy Brailo outline strategies to mitigate supply disruptions.

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Charlotte Business Journal: January 28, 2022

Premier’s S2S Global execs talk longer-term strategy in building a reliable supply chain

Premier Inc.’s S2S Global is still actively working to build a more reliable supply chain — one that holds up long-term and leaves the industry prepared for the next crisis. 

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Becker’s Hospital Review: January 6, 2022

U.S. plant backed by 34 systems to produce 40M medical gowns annually

Premier, S2S Global and 34 health systems partnered with DeRoyal to build a U.S.-based isolation gown production facility, and it’s now in production. 

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Premier Blog: December 17, 2021

Isolation Gowns Made In The USA

Premier, S2S Global and 34 health systems partnered with DeRoyal to build a U.S.-based isolation gown production facility, and it’s now in production. 

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Premier Blog: November 8, 2021

Report: The Current State of Healthcare Supply Chain Disruptions

While supply chain disruptions​ are prevalent, Premier and its members continue to create strategies that help improve resiliency and access. 

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Premier Blog: October 11, 2021

The Current State of PPE Costs: Are Providers Out of the Woods?

Premier members have been better insulated from costs that affected the market due to direct sourcing, contract optimization and tech-enabled purchased services offerings. 

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AHRMM White Paper: October 6, 2021

Going Global – How Direct Sourcing Saved the Day Amid COVID-19

Learn how Banner Health, one of the nation’s leading health systems, leveraged an innovative, factory-direct approach to access high-quality PPE in short supply amid a pandemic to protect their more than 50,000 employees and care for patients. 

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Premier Press Release: September 8, 2021

Premier Inc. and 11 Leading Health Systems Invest in Exela Pharma Sciences

Premier Inc. and 11 leading health systems acquired a minority stake in Exela Holdings, Inc., the holding company of Exela® Pharma Sciences, LLC, to secure vital supply of pharmaceutical products and support domestic production.

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Premier Blog: September 1, 2021

3Q: Driving Domestic Gloves Production: Andy Brailo with Henry Ford Health System

Bill Moir, supply chain leader at Henry Ford Health System, joins Andy to discuss what supply chain resiliency means for the future.

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Premier Press Release: July 13, 2021

Premier Inc. and Honeywell Collaborate to Expand U.S. Production of Nitrile Exam Gloves

Honeywell and Premier Inc. today announced a new commercial relationship dedicated to expanding the domestic production of nitrile exam gloves. 

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Premier Blog: June 24, 2021

Banner Health’s Three Innovative Supply Chain Strategies During COVID-19

Learn how Premier member Banner Health deployed innovative supply chain strategies to access vital supplies during COVID-19. 

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Premier Blog: February 9, 2021

Five Predictions for the 2021 Supply Chain

Premier experts share their take on five key strategies to build a more resilient supply chain of the future.

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Premier Blog: January 25, 2021

Premier and 34 Leading Health Systems Partner with DeRoyal to Expand Domestic Production of Isolation Gowns

Premier Inc. and 34 member health systems partnered with DeRoyal Industries Inc. to create a new joint venture dedicated to the domestic production of isolation gowns.

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Premier Blog: January 25, 2021

The Secrets of Direct Sourcing Success

Through our direct sourcing capabilities, we’ve continued to supply product for members at or above 100 percent allocation levels throughout the pandemic.

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Premier Press Release: December 10, 2020

Premier Inc. Names Colin Bain President of Direct Sourcing

In his role, Bain will have overall responsibility for Premier’s direct sourcing business segment, including overall strategy and organic product line expansion.

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Premier Press Release: May 26, 2020

Premier Inc. and 15 Leading Health Systems Invest to Expand Domestic PPE Production Through Prestige Ameritech

The arrangement is part of Premier’s strategy to work with members to invest in domestic and geographically diverse suppliers.

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COVID Lookback

COVID-19: The Premier Response

For more than two decades, Premier has been a trusted connection point for healthcare providers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and the government. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve set aside competitive boundaries and leveraged our relationships at every level of the supply chain to enable access to supplies, intelligence and technology.

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