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PremierPro Reprocessing Services

Product Literature

Premier Contract Numbers: PP-SV-256, AS-SV-256
Category: Sterile Reprocessing

S2S Global partners with Innovative Health, an advanced specialty reprocessing company, to offer PremierPro™ Reprocessing Services with prices exclusive to Premier members. PremierPro™ Reprocessing Services guarantees 20%+ savings*.

Hospitals can now access increased savings with more value via our electrophysiology (EP) focused reprocessing program. Electrophysiology is driving opportunities in reprocessing, and a dedicated EP reprocessing program can produce savings that far exceed an ordinary, restricted reprocessing program.

Please contact your PremierPro sales representative to learn more about this unique offering.


* Pursuant to a written agreement between Innovative Health and Premier member facility/system; terms and conditions apply.

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