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Slipper Socks

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PremierPro™ Slipper Socks offer reliable comfort and safety with single, double and all-around tread options. Socks are made of a polyester blend with an elastic cuff for optimal comfort. Sizes are color coded and range from infant to bariatric. The unique tread pattern helps reduce the risk of slips and falls. PremierPro™ also offers a fall management line in double and all-around tread with all sizes in yellow or red to help identify high risk or special needs patients throughout your facility.

Features & Benefits

  • Single, double and all-around tread options available
  • Color coded sizes from infant to bariatric
  • Red and yellow available for fall management in double and all-around tread options
  • Skid-resistant white PVC tread on single and double tread items; skid-resistant white foam tread on all-around tread items
  • All-around tread stays in place with better stretch and softer material
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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