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S2S Global and Medical Missions Offer Aid to Malawi

At S2S Global, we are immensely proud and delighted to collaborate with Medical Missions, a distinguished 501(c) charitable organization with a steadfast commitment to deliver vital healthcare services and resources to underserved communities worldwide. S2S Global was able to donate over 1,800 individual products to Medical Missions as they supported the people of Malawi and Nkhoma Mission Hospital in Africa this past Summer. Products donated include surgical and isolation masks, surgeon gloves, exam gloves, and disposable gowns.

Meeting Members of the Medical Missions Team

Mark McClam, an active board member of Medical Missions and current president of Mark Medical, has an abundant history working in the staffing and recruiting industry. He is a strong business development professional skilled in Medical Devices, Sales, Management, Critical Care Nursing, and Capital Equipment. Mark worked closely with members of S2S Global Leadership over the years, and has built a wonderful partnership, offering opportunities for medical resources to reach those in need worldwide.

McClam began his time with Medical Missions after attending a meeting and learning of an opportunity to build a hospital for the people in Zambia. The location for this church rested in a remote location in the bush, down a dirt road three hours from any other major town or city. On this mission, McClam met esteemed doctor Salvador Latore, where a long-term friendship blossomed between them and Latore’s wife, Urma.

Salvador and Urma have spent their lives committed to serving their communities and providing excellent medical care where it’s needed most. They’ve lived in many places around the world and provided critical care and services to the people of many nations including Zambia, Mexico, Kenya, and Haiti.

Malawi, Africa

Malawi has been ranked third on the list of poorest countries in the world*. Despite its economic stance, Malawi is also known as the “Happy Soul” of southern Africa.

In this region, medical care can be seen as a luxury. To help visualize the current reality there, McClam recalls the conditions, “When people [there] go into a hospital, they must bring a friend to help bring food and do the cooking while they are getting care. They sleep on concrete floors. They either walk or use a scooter to get to the hospital. Even pregnant women”. McClam also mentioned that due to lack of access to critical medical supplies, members of the Malawi medical community have been forced to reuse surgical gloves in dire situations.

Monetary donations over the past several years have helped with the expansion of The Nkhoma Mission Hospital, a teaching hospital in Malawi that was originally constructed in 1915 (after the move of their headquarters from Mvera). Presently the facility is reasonably equipped (for Malawi standards) with 280-beds and medical, surgical, pediatric, maternity, ophthalmic, isolation and TB wards. S2S Global product donations made their way from the US to this life-saving facility by ways of the S2S Global and Medical Missions partnership.

S2S Global and Medical Missions: Committed to Serving our Communities

Through previous charitable initiatives including donations of masks, gloves, gowns, and other disposable products, S2S Global and Medical Missions find purpose and passion through collaboration opportunities. Committed to serving our communities and the people working to make a global impact, S2S Global is honored to have the opportunity to support Medical Missions by way of critical PPE donations that will help bring quality PPE products to the people of Malawi.

About Medical Missions:

This charitable organization relies on the generosity of donors to fund their initiatives, which include medical clinics, health education programs, and the provision of essential medical supplies. They often collaborate with local healthcare institutions and community leaders to create sustainable healthcare solutions and empower local communities to take charge of their health. Through their tireless efforts and commitment to making healthcare accessible to all, Medical Missions plays a crucial role in improving the well-being and overall health of those who would otherwise have limited or no access to medical care.

To learn more about Medical Missions and contribute to their future projects, contact Mark McClam:

* Malawi Voice. (2023, June 29). Malawi ranked third poorest country in the world.

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