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Skin Closure Systems / EXOFINFUSION

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PremierPro™ EXOFINFUSION® is a complete sterilized Skin Closure System for longer incision wounds.

Features & Benefits

  • Typical adhesive cure time is < 1 minute versus sutures which average 7-20 minutes closure time
  • Provides microbial barrier preventing bacteria from entering incision
  • Distributes tension along the entire incision allowing uniformity along the line, thus preventing skin gaps from forming
  • No initiator on the mesh for reduced exposure
  • EXOFINFUSION® is a registered trademark of Chemence Medical, Inc.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
Article: Chemence Opens New Research and Development Facility

“EXOFINFUSION® has significantly advanced wound closure product technology by creating a system that is water-impermeable, antimicrobial, and strong enough to maintain wound closure without creating additional holes in the skin. Fusion is more comfortable to patients than traditional staples or sutures, and allows our patients to shower earlier – in many cases, day 1 post-operatively. Fusion greatly supports our organizational goal of highest quality patient care outcomes and patient satisfaction.”

Corporate Manager Clinical Sourcing, Supply Chain Management
McLaren Health

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